5 Top Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers but because so many retailers are sending emails on a daily basis, you need to make sure yours stand out from everyone else.

Check out these 5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign:

1) Segmented Lists – Send people what they’re looking for, there is a reason why you’ve collected their information so use it!  You’ll get a higher click-through rate if you send customers emails about what products/news they want to read about so keep this in mind when you are putting the creative content together for your email.

2) Subject Line/ Compelling Content – Be creative and keep it short and sweet—you only have a few seconds to catch the customer’s attention.  First, have a catchy subject line, you need to get them to open it.  Secondly, keep your most important messaging above the fold, you’ll lose their interest once they have to start scrolling.

3) Reminders – If possible, try to send a follow-up email to your customers, the chances that they missed your initial email are high so send reminders.  If you have a time-sensitive promotion, it is good to knock on their door again as a reminder in case they missed your email or forgot to make their purchase the first time around.

4)Test, Test, Test – You should constantly test your emails to glean a deeper insight into what types emails customers are interested in . Images vs.copy?  Percentage vs. monetary amount?  Personalisation?  Try them all!

5)  Promote across all social mediums – Be sure that the messaging on your website, Facebook and Twitter are in line with the emails you are sending to your customers.  When a customer clicks on a link you want to make sure it’s going to the correct landing pages.  Also, be sure to include link for them to share your email on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  If a customer is excited about your promotion, they will want to share this with their friends!

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